Hi, hello. Welcome to hell. This is just kind of my "portfolio" or would be if I had anything of merit to portfolio. If you're here you probably got the link from one of the openAI GPTs so... Enjoy I'll probably update this later with more of my various OpenAI projects like the: - Personalized assistants. everyone has made one but I swear mine are better - Interactive fiction games. I have made a "[GPT](https://chat.openai.com/g/g-VYcaL4S8i-rpgpt)" for this but it's kinda shit compared to the labyrinthian prompting system I used for Iteration01) - and a sandbox style MUD using OAI's API to handle both game content and game systems But for now it's just random bits and pieces For now uhhh, please don't look too closely at this site, I'm honestly not sure how you got here and it's kind of scary